Timberline Office Products

Since the early 1990s, our systems have been state of the art. Of course we started with green screens, floppy discs and monster bag phones, but we continue to keep our team equipped with the right technology to streamline daily activities.

We use Sage Timberline Office Suite for all Estimating, Accounting and Project Management functions.  All information is stored centrally which allows complete integration between intracompany divisions. Timberline produces detailed cost and project management  reports. These reports are not only useful for our team but for the Owner’s team as well.

For more information on Timberline Office Products go to http://www.sagetimberlineoffice.com

Gradebeam Estimating

Our estimating department uses a state of the art program called Gradebeam to organize all estimating activities.GradeBeam is used to securely post project information online, qualify subcontractors/suppliers, send bid invitations, distribute project documents, track project activity, issue addendum/change notifications, and review bid history. For more information on using Gradebeam as a subcontractor to access plans and specifications, visit our Online Plan Room.