The Beginning

Larry Snyder, CEO of Larry Snyder & Co., learned to grow a construction company by growing up in the industry.

With his father, uncles, and cousins all working construction in Missouri, Larry had an insider’s view of how the industry operated from an early age. So, after graduating with a degree in Marketing Management from Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Larry approached his own career in the construction industry from a new perspective.

A Different Concept

To differentiate his company from competitors, Larry decided he would sell construction services – a different concept in 1970’s Joplin – and begin the process of streamlining industry procedures and standards.

In the past, contractors bid on projects that had already been designed by an architect. Contractors presented their lowest numbers with no prior consultation with the architect or project owner – that would come later, after the bid was accepted and a contract awarded.

The problem with the old “bid now, consult later” method of contracting may seem obvious to anyone in the industry today who understands the critical need for the construction contractor to understand the owner’s needs and the architect’s interpretation of a project before bidding. Most construction industry professionals have seen the results of such “blind bidding” practices on past projects. More often than not, budgets and schedules were exceeded, and innovation was lacking. Larry knew that early interaction between the owner, architect, and construction team would benefit everyone in cost savings, schedule adherence, and in the long run, a better final product.

Larry began talking to potential clients, convincing them of the value of working together to design and build projects. His sensible approach worked, and soon he had a thriving construction business based on the principles of teamwork. Larry Snyder & Co. grew quickly and prospered, despite the economic challenges of the time.

Continued Growth – New Markets

Soon the Joplin market was not enough for Larry to sufficiently grow the company, and he began pursuing new opportunities in Branson. The Branson market in the 1990’s was thriving, and Larry brought with him his design-build method which was met with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. Larry built a staff of trained professionals to meet every need required for his company’s groundbreaking services to thrive.

Larry Snyder & Co. continues to operate successfully in Branson with a large market share in the area. The company has also expanded throughout the Midwest, working with clients on building vacation resorts, affordable housing, and a variety of commercial projects in new markets. Many of these new client relationships were established in Branson and continue to flourish.

Over time, the Springfield, Missouri market offered new opportunities for Larry to expand the company, and a new office was established in Ozark, Missouri to meet the growing Springfield market share. Larry is proud of the fact that, even as his company grows well beyond the Branson/ Springfield areas, most of their relationships were build right here at home.

A New Generation

Larry’s son-in-law Dusty Emmert holds the office of company president, while other family members hold significant roles in the company’s operations. Larry remains active in the community, particularly as President of the Ozarks Technical Community College Board of Trustees.

Like Larry, Dusty has high expectations for the company’s future, carrying on the legacy of quality construction, commitment to community, and family bonds.